Monday, February 20, 2017

LEA18 Existence in Balance


          2nd stage: Terra Exista, The real World and how we return to the Physical World

Following up on the last explanation on the creation of our Earth and arrival in the physical World of 2 weeks ago, above the spheres you will find a huge floating island.

This floating island represents all days life on our planet Earth. The interaction with each other, where we meet, feeling happy or sad. Everything concerning our daily life comes together here. The floating island being the support for the platform where we live.

 Surrounded by the building blocks in the distance we see some discs turning, emerging between the blocks. These are the ending points of the wormholes we have to go thru to arrive in this Terra Exista stage of the LEA18 installation Existence in Balance.

As we, as physical people, are transported in a miraculous way to the Terra Forma stage of Existence in Balance on LEA18 (where it all began),  to return to the physical world, we need a special route.
Earth landed in our physical World millions of years ago.. We are already here, just visiting to catch a glimpse of how Earth was created, to catch a glimpse of the serenity and beauty back then…

Luckily for us the Non Physical World offers several ways out.

From each part (- Reality, - Fantasy, - Emotion and - Spirituality) in this Non Physical World, Terra Forma offers a route through a wormhole.

Beware tho!! The transition is not instant!!

We actually have to go thru a wormhole with all stupefying effects that belong with it. Like motion, some psychedelic effects, disorientation…..

At the end, when you really are BRAVE enough to hang on till the end, finally you arrive in the Physical World..
Relax and let yourself float to the routes destiny…

Yes!… the routes destiny.. as for you there is still a long way ahead and much .. MUCH more to explore..

                                             See you next week for more updates on:
                                                      EXISTENCE IN BALANCE
                                             Enjoy and hope to see you all on LEA18!
                                                             Jennifer May Carlucci

“What you seek is seeking you.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

LEA18 Existence in Balance

                                                        LEA 18 Existence in Balance


2nd stage: Terra Exista

Earth has arrived in its physical Universe. Earth has materialized and is growing into existence.
Linear growing made possible by means of a feature embedded to the physical Universe, being Time.

Whatever  took Earth and Universe billlions of years to form and become as we know it today, forces beyond any of our comprehension of yet have been molding everything that is out there in its present shape.

Here on LEA18, Existence in Balance, it is represented by a mere 2 Globes, rising above the water,  as coming from the Non-physical World, into the physical World.

The first Globe, Earth in its early Young years, small and still covered with ice, pictures the purity clinging to it still from the non-physical World.

The second Globe, above the first one, shows Earth almost as we know it today, full grown, ready for life. The space between the 2, can be considered ‘time’ elapsed between stage 1 and stage 2 during when Earth is evolving.

Planet Earth in our Universe on Lea18, is surrounded by building blocks of which all Universe and, later on, also all living organisms are created. Of course they are present  immediately when our Universe is created, as they are the cradle of our Existence. All around us they are.. wherever you look, always you are confronted with the building blocks of our Existence.

Seemingly perfect from the start, equal in shape and distance soon enough the traveler is confronted with gaps in the build, giving the structure its unique appearance.Wherever you go and wherever your gaze is drawn, nothing is the same for the eye.Yet it all consists out of the same building blocks, just differently organised.

Poem from Rumi, written in the 13th Century:

One Song
Every war and every conflict between human beings
has happened because of some disagreement about names.

It is such an unnecessary foolishness,
because just beyond the arguing
there is a long table of companionship
set and waiting for us to sit down.

What is praised is one, so the praise is one too,
many jugs being poured into a huge basin.

All religions, all this singing, one song.

The differences are just illusion and vanity.

Sunlight looks a little different on this wall
than it does on that wall
and a lot different on this other one,
but it is still one light.

We have borrowed these clothes,
these time-and-space personalities,
from a light, and when we praise,
we are pouring them back in.

Coleman Barks
Author, Rumi: The Big Red Book

Here is a video from LokiRat during visit to this work.

Existence in Balance - Exploring Second Life art

Friday, February 3, 2017

LEA4 - Walk Through Gallery and Music - By Suzen Juel

DATE:February 3rd, 2017
TIME: Fun starts at 3PM SLT

A walk through gallery of color featuring the original art of Suzen JueL, filled with symbolic images of her music. 
Music by...
Lexie Smith
Winston Ackland
Suzen Juel
Denny Mac

LEA18~ Some words on the creator of 'Existence in Balance'


I am JenniferMay Carlucci and am creator and builder of the art installation .: Existence in Balance:.

I think it is a privilege to be able to work on this project and I want to extend my gratitude to Linden Lab who generously offered a grant for my ideas, in order to show my thoughts to  the people in SL.

Who is JenniferMay Carlucci?

After getting my university degree in RL, I started my career as office manager and chief of department of several Financial institutions.

Although these positions offered an interesting challenge, I couldn't find any outlet for my artistic aspirations.

So after 20 years hiding behind a desk and computer, I said farewell to my colleagues and started my company, being a landscape designer. Gardening, plants, ideas on how a landscape should be designed always was a huge hobby of mine.

In 2007, I discovered Second Life, and thought it to be the platform for building virtual landscapes of my RL designs to show to my clients. And it worked really well!.

With my first avatar I entered SL in February 2007.

I learned how to build, landscape and terraform, ran a couple of rental sims, a ballroom and  The Conservatory of Ballymore. Here we had an ongoing art exposition of RL painters and sculptors.

Apart from my own sims and RL designs, I set up several sims for others.

Unfortunately due to the fast pace of SL, none of the sims I created 10 years ago exist anymore.

Having an outlet for my creativity and close contact with nature, it changed my perspective of the World and gradually I became more aware of the deep-seated value of the creation of everything we know around us (earth / universe) and the importance of humanity and every living item here on this planet.

Reading up on quantum-mechanics, space travel and studies on the universe I came up with a theory of how earth and space for that matter could have been created.

Other projects and interests in SL are of course still setting up sims, and one of my top faves is certainly dancing! Using a combination of stunning animations, well chosen Music, a fabulously built stage, and a great choreography puts down a tremendous vivid experience for the SL dancer but also for the SL spectator in RL.

Everything mentioned above will be mixed into the installation .:Existence in Balance:.

The sim will be the stage for dance, sound, visuals and a marvelous all-over experience.

The topic being, to show how Earth is created, lifted up from the non-physical area to the existing world and gloriously settled in its own huge Universe. To show how beautiful the creation is, how we people can observe it and keep beauty and love for the Creation in our Hearts to maintain it for future posterity.

Of course I couldn't get it all done without the backup and support of my loving partner Falk whom I love for everything he is (awesome, kind, open, great sense of humor, young at heart etc etc) and awesome friends Kay (SL sister and RL best friend) and Jess (special as we went thru many ordeals and still sticking together, supporting each other).

A special thanks is at its place as well for Medora and Alazi, who pushed me into taking up the initial build and giving me the space for it.

I thank all my friends RL and SL because I couldn't be the one I am now, without any one of them!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

LEA28 - The Art Around the Straw, Thursday Feb 2nd at 1pm SLT

Enjoy and immerse in the longest art straw ever

"Welcome to our fantasy, welcome to our journey, welcome to the dream. Tonight we welcome the arrival of a new princess in the kingdom of dreams. Welcome one and all to the imagination of Holly Moon"

This will be the opener on the Art Talk that happens on Thursday, February 2nd at 1:00 PM SLT at LEA28.

Art Blue will open a door to understanding Social Artistry, a term that has taken over in the Arts.

Great insights or just all a fake of zero significance? Whatever it is shall not count as soon as Particle Tom of SKY FIRE brings us light around the straw.

Hurry to be there in time at INFINITE DRIFTERS LEA28. The artist for art around the straw will be present.

Art Eames


Friday, January 27, 2017

Spilling JueL Tones on LEA 4

Spilling JueL Tones is planning it's 2nd of three events for Jan. 31st, of 2017.
There will be live music on Spilling JueL Tones with David Csiszer and Jon aka Mulder Watts.

Spilling JueL Tones is a walk through gallery, featuring the original art of Suzen JueL
filled with symbolic images of her music....

Also on Feb. 3rd of 2017 there will be a full day of live music, as this will likely be my last of the 3 events.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

LEA27 -- Light Reflections, an installation by Venus Adored

Visit Venus Adored's Light Reflections at LEA27.  It has 6 levels and if you follow the instructions, at the end you will be at ground level where you will find a paperboat.  Purchase it for 0 lindens and sail around the sim.  Rezzing is permitted there for 15 minutes.


LEA18 Existence in Balance- an update from JenniferMay Carlucci

When entering the sim upon completion, you will be guided to the first stage, Terra  Forma.

From there people visiting can choose to go in 4 directions.  As I told you last week, 4 heart-shaped platforms surround 2 hands holding an icy globe.

Each heart shape platform will represent its own direction:

-    Reality
-    Fantasy
-    Spirituality
-    Emotion

Before we go explore these basics of human life, you are invited to take a tour in Terra Forma where Earth is created.  Parts where vision will be important, but also sounds and movement.

These last mentioned items will be added in a later stage when all parts of Existence in Balance are finished.
In this way we can be asured no sounds are overlapping and you can enjoy the surroundings to its fullest.

We have seen many of you already taking a peek. As this enterprise is a major work in progress I suggest to come by regularly to see the ‘story’ develop.

See you inworld on LEA18 and enjoy Existence in Balance!

JenniferMay Carlucci

Poem by Rumi:

Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.
The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.
Tomorrow, when resurrection comes,
The heart that is not in love will fail the test.

From Thief of Sleep
by Shahram Shiva

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

LEA28 -- Infinite Drifters' celebrate The Inauguration, Friday, January 20th at 1pm SLT